The Fairshare Model

The Fairshare Model is a performance-based capital structure for companies that seek venture capital via a public offering.  You are at this site because you have expertise in and/or interest in capital formation for venture-stage companies.

I hope to publish a book late in 2018 that promotes the use of a performance-based capital structure by companies who wish to raise venture capital via a public offering. I call it The Fairshare Model because it aligns the interests of investors and employees.

I “crowd vet” my draft material here, hoping to receive critical comments, concerns and suggestions. In particular, I look forward to messages that begin “The Fairshare Model will not work because ____”, “What about ______?” or, “Have you considered _____?”.

Click on the “Resources” tab above. You will find a draft of the book, which has seventeen chapters. There also slide decks that present the Fairshare Model.

If you have time for just one chapter, make it number ten, The Tao of the Fairshare Model. It describes capital structures allocate uncertainty risk and describes the most remarkable quality about the Fairshare Model–it provides venture-stage companies a reason to offer public investors a low valuation.

I am sharing the manuscript with reviewers. In October 2018, pre-orders will be open and in November, the book will be published.

Karl M Sjogren