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In June 2013, I participated in a debate about equity crowdfunding that followed the format used in NPR’s Intelligence Squared program.
The two teams argued opposite sides of this question “Will equity crowdfunding and the JOBS Act benefit both entrepreneurs AND investors.”

The moderator was securities attorney Bruce Methven. Howard Leonhardt (Leonhardt Ventures) and Thad Leingang (VentureDocs) argued that the answer was “yes.” Ron Weissman (Band of Angels) and I were on the team that argued that the answer was “no”–that investors would not benefit.

This question hangs over the implementation of tha equity crowdfunding section (a//k/a Title III) of the JOBS Act. I just discovered that the debate is on YouTube.

The order of speakers is Howard (arguing yes), Ron (arguing no), Thad (arguing yes) and me (arguing no). My remarks start at the 16:40 mark.